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♥ New Buttons ♥

The Contented Knitter

Buttercup Wood Buttons

Red and Purple Flower Swirl Buttons

Red, blue, yellow flower swirls

Red and White Cabbage Rose Flowers on a Black Background

Lily Wooden Buttons

Ginkgo Leave Wooden Button, wooden on a white-painted background

Daisy Buttons!


All are about an inch across, as always 10 for 3.00

Keep an eye out for safety pins, new scissors (there are more golden ones in stock here! , thimbles, row counters……….


A couple posts back I talked about making needle threaders. Here are the new ones:




















There are a whole bunch more in my sewing section. They have a ring on the end, so you can hang it by a ribbon, or a necklace. They are really much more stable and substantial than the traditional needle threaders.
And why shouldnt something as simple as a needle threader be beautiful?



My Son’s Art

 Phat Fiber is having a customer appreciation week, this is my offer!

Phat Fiber Offers


I have decided to offer free shipping when you spend $40.00 in merchandise. Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t have this option as a coupon code, so I will have to reimburse your paypal after you meet this minimum. I’m a big fan of free shipping personally. Otherwise, I only charge shipping once, not for each item. 

Fixed Circular Knitting Needles!

I have a boatload of gently used circular needles that are going to go in the Etsy store. I particularly love these needles. Firstly, they came from Content’s store, and she had kept them after they closed. I learned to knit on fixed circulars. I love them for making hats and other magic loop knits. I personally have a brand new (famous maker) set of interchangeable circular needles, and no matter what I do they always seems to come apart at some point.

Handcrafted Hand Sewing Needle Threaders!

I got to thinking, I can make a better hand sewing needle threader than the silver ones that fall apart. And where are your needle threaders when you need them?  I bought some thinner metal wire, and using some pretty beads (and lots of glue and crimps) I made a large, pretty hand sewing needle threader. The metal stays put, you can use it with regular hand sewing needles. Yay! I also made some with jumprings and a long length of ribbon, so you can hang it up and you will always know where it is!


I made a couple of charm bracelets using semi-precious stones as the charms on brass colored bracelets. They came out very nice, and would be a stunning statement piece.

Black Gold 9 inch Straight Hand Stained, Hand Painted Knitting Needles

I love these. They are so pretty!

There is a little sewing shop in town I love, and I spotted a cone of sewing (not serging) thread up on a shelf. Since it was inexpensive, a huge amount, and recommended by the owner, I bought it.

Just to give you some background, I have used all kinds of thread from the big crafting stores. The expensive brands like Gutermann and Sulky always broke on me. Yes, it could be argued that I was using the wrong kind (although I usually picked machine quilting for making machine quilts) but who knows? I always had luck with Coats and Clark Dual Duty and usually stuck with that.

I brought the A&E thread home, and have not bought another kind (I still use Coats and Clark for special colors I need) A&E had no breakage. No fuzzzzzz all over my machine. Amazing! It is a polyester thread, and thankfully I am not a purist about my sewing. I like my cotton broadcloth, but I really don’t need my thread to be cotton as well. I really cannot tell the difference between cotton thread and polyester thread in the finished product.

Recently I received an email from one of my wholesale distributer that was selling A&E Excell by the spool!

I haven’t had much luck finding A&E in any online stores, and I have been looking.  I bought a bunch to put in my Etsy Shop. I am so excited to share this great find with everyone!  Right now I have Black, White and Navy. I may order other colors (basic red, yellow, tan, and green) but I haven’t decided yet. I usually sew in black or white, and use colors for topstitching or machine embroidery. Perhaps I’ll buy a smidge and see how they do.

And, the great part about it, I can get them to you super-cheap. I am selling them at $1.00 a spool (150 or 200 yards) Since I only charge shipping once ($2.00) feel free to stock up on the thread and anything else in the store you like.

I continue to work on my bags for Phat Fiber, my golden knitting needles (I love these) and this weekend look for a whole lot of used circular needles in all sizes to come online. They are the kind I learned on, so I love them. And since these came from Contents shop I can bring them to you at super low prices. 

From the   American & Efird website:
• Made with First Quality high-tenacity low variation staple polyester
• Allows the use of smaller thread sizes to minimize seam pucker or needle cutting
• 40% stronger than 100% cotton threads of the same size.
• Superior color fastness
• Superior sewability & Greater seam strength
• Fewer yarn imperfections that can lead to sewing interruptions
• Fewer thread breaks resulting in fewer restitched seams.
• High performance thread lubricant
• Superior needle heat resistance
• Superior frictional characteristics for a more consistent stitch appearance.
• Less expensive than corespun threads


What’s New 8/7/12

I am right now working on 20 project bags for Phat Fiber’s monthly box. I’ll include some nifty stitch markers in them. The design for the big bag is still in the works and will have lots of goodies in it. I am working on making some golden knitting needles. They are coming out nicely. I am hoping to get them into Phat Fiber for November. Everything that goes to Phat Fiber will also be on sale in my Etsy shop in case you see the videos and fall in love with something. I am also thinking of making the project bag in several other colors, and I ordered extra’s of the stitch marker material, so they will be there too J


I am still processing Jen Merrill’s book. My 2e kid is less e lately, and for that, I am grateful. His Great-Great-Aunt Fluff (Florence Goodenough, PhD) was one of the founders of child psychology and an expert on gifted children. I often wish she were alive today. My son has been administered tests that she developed or helped to develop. Ironic, isn’t it?


Maybe my next phase of being a social worker will be to focus on gifted children. Not high achieving children, but the high IQ ones. The ones with psychomotor, sensual, imaginational, intellectual and emotional sensitivities. The ones who develop asynchronously. The ones Aunt Fluff researched. Or maybe I’ll just go knit.


One of my pet peeves is when people believe that all children “special”and treated the same. My son is not a cookie. Your child may not fit into the cookie cutter either. I become afraid to talk about giftedness because I have been treated like I think my son is better than everyone else, but he is just wired differently.


Amazon Kindle

My Review is simple: Thank you Jen.

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